New Blog Launch

Welcome to my new website and blog! While this blog previously held some of my poetic and philosophical work, its primary purpose moving forward will be to host my development blog. Expect infrequent posts on my favorite technological interests: JavaScript, functional programming, consulting, front-end development, and more!

This new website is built on Jekyll and GitHub Pages. I previously ran the blog on ExpressionEngine, but I’m much happier with my new solution. It’s so much faster! Jekyll creates static pages from markdown and html files and GitHub Pages serves those static pages. There is therefore no need to reach out to any database and no need to do any server-side rendering of the pages. So it’s lightning fast!

In the next few months, I’ll be working on improving the site and writing a few blog posts based on conference presentations I’ve been delivering. Look out (possibly) for:

  • An Introduction to the Virtual DOM
  • How to Add Comments to Your Blog with Jekyll and GitHub
  • Functional Programming for Front-End Developers
  • Thinking of Components as Functions (You Already Do!)
  • And more!

RSS functionality will be coming soon so you can subscribe. Contact me if you want an email notification for when that goes live!

Finally, if you’ll be at CodeMash in January 2017, be sure to come to my presentation on the Virtual DOM. You’ll learn how to write your own implementation - and more!

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