A Speculation on Kierkegaard’s Repetition and the Atonement

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Repetition for Kierkegaard has three distinct yet connected aspects: a repeated event, an existential movement, and an identity-forming process.In this paper, I examine the atonement in light of repetition. I first examine the concept of repetition itself. I then trace the implications of repetition for creation, sin, and the atonement. Throughout the paper, I utilize Kierkegaard’s concepts of absurdity and farce. I also draw on the life of Christ and the other writings of the New Testament. Ultimately, I find that repetition provides a unique explanation for the work of God in the world.

This paper, written over a year ago, needs a lot of touching up. Indeed, at the time of writing I was ignorant of a lot of Kierkegaard’s work that would’ve informed the paper. Nevertheless, it serves as a fine introduction to some of the key concepts of repetition.

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