About Me

Welcome to my site and blog! I'm a front end engineer at Root Insurance, an amateur poet and philosopher, and most importantly a devoted and happy husband.

I specialize in JavaScript, but I'm fluent in a variety of other languages, including Ruby and C#. My favorite development tool is currently React, and I love trying any new paradigm that makes developers' lives easier.

I'm passionate for open source projects, and I'm happy to contribute especially to the documentation on any projects. If you need someone to copy-edit, refactor, or even write your documentation, let me know!

I have a Master of Arts in philosophy from Fordham University. Although my philosophical interests are broad, my work mostly focuses on the epistemology of disagreement. I'm currently working out how the canonical results in this area of philosophy can guide our decision making when we encounter disagreement within a professional environment. I also am interested in conceptual analysis, both within the development world and more broadly.

Want to know more about me? Contact me - I'm happy to chat programming, philosophy, or theology.