Tommy Graves

T.A. Graves

Welcome to my site! This website currently houses a selection of my philosophical and poetic work. I'm currently working on updating it to turn it into a personal resume site and corresponding blog for my web development work. You can now view my portfolio by clicking here - but do note it is still under development.

I'm fluent in most web languages, especially HTML5, CSS (and SCSS), JavaScript, and PHP. I love working with CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine, and CraftCMS when working on applications running on PHP. Personally, though, my favorite tools for applications are node.js and Python. I also dabble in Ruby from time to time, although I haven't done any professional work with it.

My current projects are a DnD Character Generator running on AngularJS and a revision of this very site.

Want to know more about me? Contact me - I'm happy to chat programming, philosophy, or theology.